Kristin L. Mitchell, M.Ed

Founder & Owner
Kristin Mitchell is an educator and entrepreneur. Throughout the course of her undergraduate studies, at an all-woman’s institution, Kristin developed a strong compassion and affinity for women’s rights and issues. Out of this experience, was birthed her immense desire to help and empower women; thus, founding K. Restoration, LLC.
Since receiving a BA, in Child Development, from Spelman College and a M.Ed, in Special Education, from George Mason University; Kristin has worked, tirelessly, in the field of education. In this capacity, she has become keenly aware of the importance of education and knowledge; believing that it has the ability to change and positively shape lives. While she intends to continue her work in the field of education, she has also re-ignited her passion for women’s rights and issues, as evidenced by the journey she is on to restore and empower women, through K. Restoration, LLC. She invites you to join her in her journey, and to become a part of the movement.

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Education: Spelman College & George Mason University

Experience: Educator & Entrepreneur

Style: Really sophisticated woman

Vacancy – Now Hiring

Salon Manager

This person will be responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of the salon. Such responsibilities include, but are not limited to: managing the salon staff, ensuring that the daily operations of the salon are ran properly and smoothly, resolving customer and staff complaints, and ordering salon supplies and materials. This person reports directly to the owner. Email resume’ to:

Education: Licensed Cosmetologist

Experience: 5 years or more (Professional Experience)

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Adunni Easton

Salon Stylist - Natural Hair

My name is Adunni Easton. I’m a natural hair stylist, who has been in the business for 20 years. I have a passion and creativity for natural hair. “I believe that there is more to natural hair than just a style; it’s an affirmation of our heritage.” I can help any everyday woman achieve added beauty as well as healthy hair that will complete her look. With the proper products and techniques, I can make your hair care experience an easy one. The care of your beautiful, natural hair is my priority. Allow me to start your journey.

Education: Licensed Cosmetologist

Experience: 20 years

Style: Earthy

Ashli Durham

Salon Assistant

Ashli is a fun-spirited and enthusiastic woman, who loves beauty and fashion. She has been in the cosmetology industry since the age of 16, with two years of professional experience as a salon assistant. Ashli’s keen eye for style and fashion, level of creativity, and love/passion for hair make her a leading contender, in this industry. She is very knowledgeable about the industry and incorporates her knowledge into her daily work.
She prides herself on making customers feel welcomed, as a result of her superior interpersonal and communication skills. Ashli is an asset to the K. Restoration team, and we are glad to have her!

Education: UMUC

Experience: 2 years

Style: Trend-Setter & Stylish

Ashli Picture
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Vacancy – Now Hiring

Salon Receptionist
Individuals serving in this capacity are responsible for handling the logistics of the salon floor. Such responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Such tasks include: answering phones; booking appointments for salon services, counseling sessions, and workshops; receiving payments from clients; greeting customers and providing answers to general questions about the salon; serving light refreshments to clients; displaying the monthly calendar of salon events (workshops/seminars); and selling salon merchandise and products.Please email resume’ to:

Education: Knowledge of "Customer Service" & "Customer Relations"

Experience: 1 year or more (Professional Experience)

Vacancy – Now Hiring

Psychologists & Clinical Social Workers (Contracted)

Individuals serving in this capacity are responsible for conducting one-hour counseling sessions, with clients of K. Restoration. Counseling sessions should address the emotional needs/concerns of clients. Service providers are expected to apply research-based methodologies, in an effort to improve the: emotional stability, coping skills, and self-esteem of the client. Service providers will also employ various techniques and strategies that will enable clients to go through the process required to heal various emotional scars. Thusly, clients should be actively engaged in the process of their own healing through various activities and assignments. Please email resume to:

Education: Terminal Degree in Field of Study (Ph.D or equivalent)

Experience: 5 years or more (Professional Experience)

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