Unfortunately, many communities have a negative stigma associated with mental health services. However, seeking professional advice and guidance from a trained individual on how to cope with and navigate various life stressors can be extremely beneficial and empowering. As women, we all know that sometimes advice from our girlfriends just DON’T cut it! While we love them dearly, we need a little bit more sometimes. This does not mean we are crazy or something is wrong with us; it simply means that we love ourselves enough to seek help, when needed.

Given this, K. Restoration’s third approach to restoration is, “Restoration of Mental Health.” As apart of this approach, K. Restoration will provide one-hour counseling/therapeutic sessions with contracted mental health professionals (psychologists and clinical social workers) in an effort to assist women with the following: addressing emotional issues, creating coping skills, navigating daily life stressors, creating an atmosphere to vent out emotional frustrations, and providing sound and reliable advice. From these sessions, we hope that our clients walk away with tools and strategies that they can apply to their lives. Whether it is a small issue or a big issue you are grappling with, these sessions can be extremely critical in helping one to identify and tackle situations that you aren’t able to come to a conclusive resolve on, on your own. Divorce, death, career stressors, parenting stressors, addiction, abandonment issues, and self-esteem are just a few of the issues that counseling can assist you with.

Clients have the option of using their personal health insurance or paying an hourly rate (set by the mental health service providers) to pay for these services. It is our sincerest hope that you will take part in these services and allow our team of professionals to help guide you toward a healthier you!