Having knowledge is a powerful tool, allowing one to capitalize on their fullest potential and make informed decisions that can positively affect their lives.  Many women grapple with various life stressors, without having the necessary knowledge to properly navigate those situations. It is for this reason that K. Restoration’s second approach to restoration is, “Restoration of Knowledge.” We wish to provide women with knowledge and resources that help them to navigate the various situations that arise in their everyday lives, because as the saying goes, “When you know better, you do better!”

Keeping in line with this approach, K. Restoration will provide workshops/seminars that seek to educate and empower women on various topics that affect their everyday lives. Such topics include: resume and career building, healthy relationships, love languages, sustaining a ful-filling marriage, domestic violence, health and beauty, parenting, self-image and self-esteem, etc. It is our hope that women will gleam valuable information from these workshops/seminars and apply the information they learn to their lives, in a positive and meaningful way. Workshops/seminars will be offered at the salon, for a minimal fee that will cover the cost of the presenter, materials, and light refreshments. Please check our “Latest News & Events” section, which is where you will find an updated list of all workshops/seminars that will be held at K. Restoration. Pertinent information can be found on this page, to include: date, time, cost, and an event description.