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As a woman, I am keenly aware of the many life-stressors that consume the lives of women, across the world! We deal with a LOT! My mother always says, “Women are like Palm trees; we bend, but we don’t break!” Despite our inherent strength, sometimes, we need an escape and an opportunity to restore ourselves from all that we have endured. Out of this need: the need to have a place where women can come to relax, escape the wiles of the outside world, enhance their inner and outer beauty, and be restored from the various issues that have broken their spirits, K. Restoration was born!

As a result of the increasing demands, of the modern woman, in our ever-evolving society, women are often faced with challenging and impeding life circumstances - having the potential to leave them feeling broken. Thus, I sought to create an environment where the “everyday woman,” with high levels of stress, can come and seek personal restoration, “The return or revival of something to a former place or condition” ( This does not imply that our clients are only grappling with the most extreme of circumstances. Whether it is a small or severe circumstance that has consumed you, gotten you off-track, stressed you out, or caused your life to be imbalanced; we want to help you get back to the old you, a better you! Thus, restoring you!

K. Restoration is a high-end hair & wellness salon that seeks to provide services, intended to restore the total woman. K. Restoration is a non-traditional salon setting, seeking to enhance our clients’ outer and inner beauties. We have a unique, three-pronged approach to personal restoration, which includes: restoration of beauty, restoration of knowledge, and restoration of mental health. An in-depth description of each approach is listed on the sub-homepages.

We hope that you will come in and allow us to, “Restore The Woman In You!”


Kristin L. Mitchell, M.Ed

Founder & Owner